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AdPlexity Push Coupon Review

What is Adplexity Push?

Adplexity Push is a powerful spy tool for the aspirant affiliates of present-day online marketing. It is a platform created by the affiliates for the affiliates. The tool covers all the fundamentals of e-commerce marketing while getting over the challenges faced by the affiliates. 

Adplexity keeps track of modern trends without any emulous intelligence. It gives you complete perceptiveness on what works best for your rival by saving your time and money. Moreover, Adplexity Push helps in the successful running of mobile, desktop, and native ad campaigns in more than 80 countries. 

Why Adplexity Push?

Adplexity Push not only assists in running effective ad campaigns in many countries but also uncovers bankable political campaign operative on ten push traffic sources. You can also unveil the hidden campaigns working on mobile carrier traffic. Not only this, but you also find the ads affiliate offers from more than 100 affiliate networks with a single click.

You can analyze the campaign thoroughly via real-time statistics, including type, device, size, country, language, connection, traffic source, Affiliate Network, and tracking tool. You will know the exact week in which the campaign performed well on the search engines. Instead of testing the campaign on multiple traffic sources, you will get direct details of the source from which the advertiser is getting traffic.

Added functionality of Adplexity Push

It is indeed the quickest and most straightforward way to find successful ad campaigns. You can make better marketing decisions by learning which ads work best for your customers and why. Let’s have a quick review of what all you get with Adplexity Push.

  • Have a look at the offers running for longer periods
  • Pick up those ads with the most traffic
  • Widely used search and filter tool
  • Separate non-affiliate landing pages from the results
  • Single click lander downloads
  • Quick keyword search on landers

With Adplexity Push, you will be able to examine thousands of successful ad campaigns from all direct push traffic sources. You will get all that you need to make smart and lucrative marketing decisions.

  • Realize campaigns gushing in over 80 countries
  • Expose profitable campaigns functioning on 10+ push traffic sources
  • Download every landing page with page requirement (images, css, javascript,) in a .zip direct to their user interface
  • Unveil invisible campaigns that are operating alone on mobile carrier traffic (90+ carriers supported)
  • Observe ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks with one click
  • Find by keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network & much more

 Adplexity Push Pricing

The Adplexity Push is priced at $149/monthly and $1490/yearly. Push Networks supported are Mgid, PropellerAds, DatsPush, LeoCash, EvaDav, Adsterra, TeaserNet, PushAds, Izooto, PushAd, AdMaven. You will get data from push ads along with simple UI, chat and email support and downloadable one-click landing pages.