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Binom Review: Tracking Tools for Professionals

If you are someone who is looking forward to getting along with an excellent tracker for your business, whether it’s your affiliate tracking or maybe the conversions or anything like leads or conversions you made in your business, Binom can be an excellent choice for you. Well,

Binom is a self-hosted tracker for professionals that gives insights for every click, including CPC, EPC, Revenue, ROI, etc. Binom tracker can handle millions of clicks per day with a license cost, so you have no restrictions on sending the traffic amount.

It offers a flexible and intuitive user interface. It is known to have the highest speed of report generating on the market.

Binom’s intelligent technology sends traffic to the landing page that the user has not seen yet. This way, your clicks are converted into profits and keep increasing for every new click.

How much can I save using Binom Coupon?

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Save 40% on Binom monthly plan $99/month BLOGGINGECLIPSE $60/month
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In order to redeem the highest discount on Binom it is highly recommended to get along with the annual billing option, as it would give you a discount of 30% on the Binom pricing plan. In addition to that, you can apply our exclusive Binom coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” to get an additional 40% discount for lifetime.

More About Binom:

Binom is one of the best self-hosted trackers available in the market, and the tracker lets you get along with millions of clicks, basically the management of all the leads and conversions in a single place. Another major factor that makes Binom an excellent choice is its tracking solutions and insight, some of the things that can be managed and be kept an eye on include Traffic Volume, ROI, Leads, conversions, EPC, CPC, etc.

As an affiliate marketer, Binom can help you in keeping track of several things while making things profitable for you; one of the major reasons Binom is selected over other affiliate tracking software is its licensing process, where other tracking software takes a CPC, Binom basically works on additional licenses making you make more Profit and managing millions of Click in a single day.

Binom Key Features

Binom is undoubtedly one of those affiliate trackers that can take care of almost all the things related to tracking your affiliate campaigns. Here are some of the key features worth considering:

Low Latency & High Speed

  • Instant Click Processing: The tracker processes clicks in 5 ms, irrespective of traffic volume or database clicks.
  • Quick Reports: Instant report grouping provides deep analytics of your campaigns in just a few clicks.
  • Zero Loss Guarantee: Binom ensures all sent clicks are processed and available for analysis, ensuring no data loss.
  • Reliable Storage: Transactional engines are used for click storage, preventing data loss even during server emergencies.

Effective Organization

Binom Organization

  • Group System: Binom allows campaigns, offers, and landings to be separated by groups for effective organization.
  • Notes: Log your campaigns directly in the tracker and record observations while optimizing the campaign.
  • Offers and Landings Base: The tracker can store hundreds of offers or landings, and provides a simple way to find the right one.
  • Additional Users: Create extra users with limited access rights to campaigns, offers, landings, or traffic sources.

Traffic Distribution

Binom Traffic Distribution

  • Distribution: Direct and Landing path testing with the option of redirection to other campaigns and URLs.
  • Rule Metrics: Twenty metrics for rule-making, including device, OS, browser, country, language, carrier, etc.
  • Smart Rotation: Traffic distribution based on click uniqueness and conversion.

Deep Analytics

  • Multilevel Reports: Get an in-depth analysis of your traffic using grouping reports.
  • Campaign Groups Statistics: Analyze several campaigns or traffic sources simultaneously for better optimization.
  • Filters System: Create white and blacklists easily, and save filters for use through the API.
  • Row Tagging: Mark blocked publishers or those sent to white campaigns.


  • Click Parameters: Includes 30 click parameters for detailed tracking.
  • Work Without Redirects: Run traffic directly on the lending while still receiving full click information and offer split tests.
  • Improved Postback: Set postback to any link or script, not just the traffic source or tracker.
  • Transfer Conversions to the Source: Enables campaign optimization from certain traffic sources.
  • Import Click Cost: Understand the real cost of the click by importing it from the traffic source.
  • Unlimited Additional Domains: There’s no limit to the number of additional domains you can have.

API Integration

Binom API integration

  • Basic Structures: Access all information about campaigns, offers, landings, and traffic sources.
  • Campaign Statistics: All campaign analytics are available in a convenient JSON format.
  • Offers and Landers Management: You can manage offers and landings with your scripts, including editing, deleting, and receiving information.

Binom Pricing Plan

Binom Pricing Plan

Binom offers a robust and cost-effective pricing plan for their Affiliate Tracker. Users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial before deciding to commit to a subscription. The monthly billing option costs $99/month and comes with unlimited clicks, unlimited domains, and lifetime updates, all provided for a single server. If you decide to commit to a yearly plan, you can save 30% on your subscription. Plus, additional licenses can be purchased at $49 each. This approach ensures users get maximum value, allowing them to manage their affiliate marketing with complete ease and efficiency.

Binom Coupon FAQs

How much is the highest discount I can get on Binom?

You can redeem the highest discount of 70% on the Binom tracker using the coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE“. In order to redeem this discount it is highly recommended to opt-in for the annual plan as it would offer a 30% discount upfront.

Does Binom offer any free trial?

Yes, you can free access Binom free of cost, the Binom free trial is available for a period of 30 days.

Is there any API integration offered by Binom?

Yes, Binom also offers an API integration which can help in making things better for your affiliate marketing-related operations.

How many domains can I connect on the Binom tracker?

You can connect unlimited domains to your Binom account and that too without any extra cost being paid.