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CrakRevenue – Best & Most Trusted Adult CPA Network

Hello Folks! Today we bring a source of a goldmine to your doorstep.
If you are new to the affiliate marketing industry, you might want to check this out first.

Our take on CrakRevenue review is going to benefit you a lot!
The affiliate marketing industry is a deeper world. There you can find a source to start income with almost every niche. But which niche could be the best to begin with?

You may want to have an edge in the adult industry in this. Because, believe it or not, the adult marketing industry is like a treasure to affiliate marketers.

You may feel a little uncomfortable with the involvement of something X-rated. But, there is a fine line between being professional and being concerned about what you are doing.

So, skip the irrational thought, and give CrakRevenue a chance! You will not believe how much revenue you can generate using CrakRevenue affiliate marketing as a source!

CrakRevenue Reviews

You may or may not be familiar with the concept that the adult industry dominates the internet world. Nothing can even come up into the competition for that.

There is a reason for that. The reason is self-explanatory. Most of the population is involved in adult websites; they can be dating, X-rated videos, or products!

So, let us get started by knowing what CrakRevenue is and how it can help us rake big bucks; in short, earning CrakRevenue earnings in minimum time.

Detailed CrakRevenue Review

CrakRevenue Review

CrakRevenue has made its mark in the adult industry for almost 10 years now. They are the leader in the Cam, VOD, and Dating Verticals. CrakRevenue’s platform features special offers for high-value Brands.

In Cam, their effective tracking and fraud control stands out from the crowd.

In VOD, their partner offers exclusive high-quality content in the most renowned niches. And in dating, with more than 700 proposals in this vertical, they can pick and optimize offers for your specific traffic. In dating, you also get stable revenues throughout the year.

But how does CrakRevenue help you make big bucks with adult traffic? The CPA Network draw advertisers and affiliates together, optimizing the traffic on one end and optimizing offers on the offers.

They offer their advertisers a vast network of affiliates with lots of traffic, and they offer affiliates a selection of great high-converting offers.

With CrakRevenue’s business model, the CPA Network doesn’t make money until affiliates start making money. So affiliates don’t risk putting a lot of money upfront, and it assures them that the network will do everything to convert traffic.

CrakRevenue Benefits

There is something for everyone with different payout models, such as PPL SOI DOI, PPS, and Revshare.

The adult vertical has been the jam of CrakRevenue forever.

The adult industry is profitable globally, with over 3 billion $.

With CrakRevenue, you can get your piece of this delicious pie.

But now, CrakRevenue is beating the mainstream market. Commencing with Nutra, CrakRevenue has now put its eyes on Gaming as well.

On June 21st, they launch their Gaming Vertical with more than 50+ offers and two Smartlinks. One is for the Adult traffic, and the other for Mainstream.

CrakRevenue Advanced Platform

The first thing you will notice when building an account with CrakRevenue is the fantastic and customized platform.

There are no other networks with a brilliant platform like theirs. They have numerous things you can choose from the left menu, such as:

  • Detailed statistics
  • Offers
  • Smartlinks
  • MyFreeCams
  • Live Cam Widget
  • Survey Machine
  • Native Ads Generator

This is the best affiliate dashboard on the market, without a doubt.

CrakRevenue Offers

Most of the CrakRevenue offers are for adult products such as cam sites, dating sites, and porn sites.

The landing page selector is fantastic. For specific offers, you will have a vast quantity of landing pages for any niche.

CrakRevenue Offers

Let’s take as, for instance, the offer JerkMate there are probably around 100 landing pages to pick, and you will be able to see the EPC next to each page.

The possibility to convert your traffic into a goldmine is very high with their fantastic offers.

Some of their renowned offers are SexEmulator, MyFreeCams, Jerkmate, Sex Messenger, and many others.

According to us, picking RevShare for a Cam offer is always the best way to earn more money in the long run.

CrakRevenue Features

CrakRevenue has a lot to offer in terms of features. The integration of this platform is so fantastic. Even if you are a newbie, you will not face any trouble while starting with CrakRevenue as your affiliate marketing source.

So, without further due, let us glance at what things CrakRevenue offers to their customers!

#1. Integration and Dashboard

Having set up as an active affiliate with CrakRevenue is a standard, simple affair.

Logging into the dashboard, you’ll be offered an appealing interface that is easy to navigate too.

CrakRevenue Integration

All the nucleus navigational links are in the left sidebar, and it is on this initial page, you’ll be offered critical information.

This comprises current active promotions. And in addition to a list of great offers, the latest blog posts, your payment history, recent statistics, and your affiliate manager’s contact information, there’s also something known as the affiliate ranking.

That being said, looking at your ranking among all the affiliates on the network can provide a bit of “gamification” or motivation to keep you going, as it puts your work into perspective.

Based on what we observe here, there are at least 11,000 affiliates on the network. There’s a term for how much we would require to earn to move up one spot in the ranking.

But more, there’s a flow-on how much to get into VIP status.

Affiliates with CrakRevenue belong to one of three offers. The active affiliate is where you begin.

When you reach the top 200, you become a VIP affiliate with bonus benefits like a dedicated account manager and special offers. Dig into the top 50 to join the elite club. With that, you receive a 20% one-month referral amount, a 10-day annual payout bump, and a Christmas gift too!

#2. Promotions

The CrakRevenue affiliate network boasts over 1,200 affiliate offers.
We weren’t able to go through all of them.

CrakRevenue Promotion

But based on a random spot test, it seems that as a new affiliate, you will need to apply for each offer that you want to promote on your own.

So, for instance, this is currently one of the most exclusive offers in the network.

You get to witness some of the most critical information, like a description of the advertiser and the offer, the payable action, payout amount, accepted countries, and the conversion flow.

We found having the conversion flow helpful, so it’s clear what is required before you are credited for the user activity.

CrakRevenue Coupon

But you will also observe at the very front that you need to request approval to promote this offer.

Also, the offer is “temporarily capped to a maximum of 25 leads/day while we review the quality of your traffic.” On the one hand, this can be frustrating for affiliates, as it is an extra hoop to jump through.

Moreover, by taking this extra step of requiring approval and assessing the quality of traffic, CrakRevenue can provide a level of quality for its advertisers.

CrakRevenue Coupon Code

The advertisers can then be more rigid about increasing payment amounts, which leads to more lucrative opportunities for legitimate affiliates. It’s ultimately a win-win.

#3. Additional Affiliate Features

As you use the dashboard, you’ll witness a wealth of tools and features as an affiliate.

The SmartLink technology stance makes it simple to maximize your earnings as you don’t need to identify a single offer you’d like to advertise.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Features

On the other hand, the system can find the most appropriate offer for the user individually.

You can edit the smart link based on the type you’d like to use, like a banner ad or a simple link.

From there, you can unlock options like banner size, language, and format.
Another helpful tool is the Native Ads Generator.

Pick among a dozen different templates. That can comprise vertical blocks, horizontal blocks, separated blocks, text over, three vertical banners, and more.

Pick niche settings (like sexual orientation and nudity), widget settings like max width and number of ads shown, image settings, and text settings. More affiliates can even apply custom CSS.

CrakRevenue Sign Up

The signing-up process for CrakRevenue is straightforward!

All you have to do is enter your name, email address, and other essential basic information, and you are set to go!

CrakRevenue Sign Up

What separates CrakRevebue from other CPA systems is this process. Rather than owning hundreds of different offers, they earn only the top converting services and products. Those products are tested on numerous strikes with our in-house team.

They perform the hard work of fabricating custom landing banners and pages. Those pages can be formatted to get the best conversion prices for each bid. Just about every affiliate can make use of these pages to get their very own promotional wants.

They also focus on discovering that pesky Tier 3 and 2 targeted visitors.

They thrive on generating geo-targeted sales webpages. This provides you with access to instruments to filter out your traffic precisely. With this, a guest finds offers for sale in his state and their language.

Endorsing CrakRevenue is a no-brainer. Publish their adverts on your website and see the dollars available.

CrakRevenue Payment Method

In CrakRevenue, the least payout is 100. For anyone that would like to get paid out by depreciation, the minimum payout will be $500 because calculating prices are far high. Affiliates across the Net 7 pay cycle have to reach the tiniest payout of $500.

CrakRevenue Payment Method

In CrakRevenuewe have five means for repayment for the time being.

  • ACH
  • Check
  • Paxum
  • Wire
  • PayPal (for U.S. & Canada only)

However, Paypal can also be accessible merely for U.S. and Canadian resources because of its moment being. Opt for the strategy which is most suitable for your demands.

As each procedure might not be readily available, don’t hesitate to contact us to check your options and check for upgrades to newer processes! All commissions have been paid out in $USD

CrakRevenue Support

As soon as you grow as an affiliate, you will get an affiliate manager on skype that will always be ready to help you.

This is something to consider. Not all CPA networks provide this service. CrakRevenue has more than 10 years of expertise in their field, and they all know how to make sure that the offers are constantly updated and convert to the max.

As we have mentioned before, the main verticals that are working on are:

  • dating
  • cam sites
  • erectile dysfunction
  • porn sites
  • and much more

If you don’t have an affiliate manager yet, you can always use the support chat on the right corner, and there will always be someone to help you.

How can you make the most out of Crakrevenue?

Below given are some tips which you can use to generate maximum income by using CrakRevenue.

CrakRevenue Discount

Step 1: Pick two or three products to promote

We understand it’s tempting to encourage as many products as possible when you are first starting.

You will get more satisfactory results if you focus on just a few high-performing offers within one vertical such as dating or cams.

Speak to your affiliate manager and ask what the best performing offer in your area.

Step 2: Test your offers

Once you get the best-performing offers, test them to see which ones give you the highest EPC (Earnings Per Click).

EPC can be calculated by dividing your earnings by the total number of clicks:

Step 3: Earnings ÷ Clicks = EPC

Let’s say, on any given week. You get 1,000 clicks. From which, you get $150 in affiliate commissions. You would have an EPC of $0.15 at the end of the week for that offer. Can you believe it?

Step 4: Use an Affiliate Manager

Affiliate managers help you and serve as a resource to make you successful. They usually get paid a percentage of your sales, so if you do well, they generate more profit.

This is a great option to aid increase your profits.

Affiliate managers have access to all internal company data, and they usually know what’s working and what’s not working for other affiliates. This is a precious resource to you as an affiliate marketer.

You need to trust them for your benefit’s sake.

Step 5: Use back offers

A back offer is a new offer shown to the user when they click the “back button.” CrakRevnue will automatically display the best converting offer for that user and device.

This will not harm your website in any way and can be an easy way to boost conversions.

Step 6: Set realistic goals

You can’t get to a place if you don’t know where you are going.

Once you hit your goal, set a more advanced goal, and continue to grow.

Step 7: Keep on learning

Remember, you haven’t failed until you’ve quit. So, if you continue to experiment with new things and learn new skills, your chances of success are higher.

Pros & Cons


  • Top-notch support and a dedicated team of affiliate managers.
  • The best platform of every CPA Network. Very practical and user-friendly. Simple to see your stats and navigate the offers.
  • Excellent selection of high-paying offers.
  • Efficient tools and features such as intelligent links and survey generator.
  • Constant optimization of offers with A/B Testing and analysis and an excellent team of designers.
  • They are experts, and they share their knowledge with the knowledge base and their blog.


  • Long payment terms to start (net 30), but it’s easy to get net 15 and even net seven once you start working with your account manager.
  • Too many offers! We get lost in all these offers. What can we promote? Luckily they have their awesome Smartlink.
  • Time zone issues: They’re based in Canada, making it hard for Asians and Europeans to talk with them during working hours.


You are still confused about where to begin your affiliate marketing journey? Believe us. You do not need to think twice. CrakRevenue is an excellent choice for your selection.

Other than that, CrakRevenue makes it very easy to begin our journey with them. The payment methods are so efficient. Even if you do not have much money to start your business, you can start your journey with Crakrevenue today.

It is an excellent platform for all affiliate marketers, given the boom of the adult marketing industry.

So, are you still wondering whether to go or not with CrakRevenue? Just give it a chance. What will you lose? You may end up with a great source of income!

So, with this, it is time to wrap our take on CrakRevenue Review. Please share your thoughts on this excellent CPA program in the comments section below.

Until then, keep affiliating!!