Originality.ai Coupons - ✅100% Verified Deals: July 2024

Free 50,000 Words Scan (Get 500 Credits for Free)

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Verified Originality.ai Coupon ($5 Off)

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Get an instant discount with verified Originality.ai coupons. Offer valid for $20 or less prepaid plan activation. Biggest savings on Originality.ai Coupons. Apply with 50 free credits deal & apply “AFFTWEAKS25” to get an additional 25% Off. Less

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50 Free Credits Originality.ai Coupon [Free Credits Deal]

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Get access to 50 free credits by signing up through this exclusive link. Just click on “Get Deal” and complete the signup to get 50 free credits for Originality.ai. Less

Save 25% on Originality.ai today!

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Subscribe to the originality.ai prepaid plan and save 25% with our coupon. Use coupon code AFFTWEAKS25 and save 25% today!


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Originality AI Coupon + Review:  Plagiarism Checker and AI Detector

Originality ai Coupons Review

Originality.ai is a revolutionary tool that is transforming the landscape of content marketing. This AI & Plagiarism Detector offers some excellent features along with a Chrome extension which is a powerhouse of premium detection features that cater to the needs of online publishers, digital marketers, SEO content writers, webmasters, and website buyers.

Originality.ai Homepage

One of the key aspects that make Originality.ai an excellent choice is that you can get along with the content detection at a cost of only $0.01 per 100 words and using the verified Originality.ai coupon mentioned here, you can get yourself even more discount on this affordable pricing.

How much can I save using Originality AI Coupons?

Credits with Pricing Originality.ai Coupon Savings redeemed Credits with Pricing after Coupon
20,000 Words ($20) AFFTWEAKS25 $5 Off 20,000 Words ($15)
50,000 Words ($50) AFFTWEAKS25 $12.5 Off 50,000 Words ($37.5)
100,000 Words ($100) AFFTWEAKS25 $25 Off 100,000 Words ($75)


Saver Note: I would recommend getting along with the $20 at the start as sometimes Originality.ai do not offer the option to apply coupon code on higher-value plans. So, applying the Originality.ai coupon code multiple times on a $20 credit pack might take some time but would help you save 25% on the go.

Originality AI Features to Explore

AI Detection with Originality.ai

AI Detection with Originality.ai

The advent of AI-generated content, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which operates on GPT 3.5 (DaVinci-003), has significantly improved the content creation process. However, it also presents challenges in terms of content originality and SEO optimization. Originality.ai addresses these concerns by offering a suite of features that ensure the quality and originality of content.

Originality.ai Chrome Extension

Originality.ai chrome extension


The Originality.ai Chrome Extension can be considered as one of those features that work on making things better on the go. The Originality.ai Chrome extension offers different features such as plagiarism detection, full website scan, etc. in an easily accessible manner.

Plagiarism Detection by Originality.ai

One of the standout features of Originality.ai is its on-the-go plagiarism checker. As it also offers a Chrome extension, it provides easy access to plagiarism detection. Its advanced AI content detector checks content for plagiarism in a few simple steps, ensuring 100% original content. What sets Originality.ai’s plagiarism detector apart is its easy accessibility, allowing for high-quality content without human intervention. This feature can be used to scan AI-written content and blog posts, ensuring their originality.

Unlimited Access to Content Detection

Unlike many similar tools that limit their services, Originality.ai offers unlimited access to its features. Users can scan unlimited websites and words for a minimal charge of just $0.01 per credit. Each credit allows the scanning of 100 words, making it a cost-effective solution for content analysis and team management. Even though the cost of content detection is really an affordable choice of $0.01 per 100 words, you can even get 25% Off on that as well by using the Originality.ai coupons mentioned above.

Next Level AI-Powered Content Detection


Originality.ai Detect AI content


Originality.ai’s AI-powered content detection is another feature that sets it apart. It has been tested on several AI-powered content generation technologies, including GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-Neo, and GPT-J. With an accuracy of around 94%, this tool is a reliable choice for detecting AI-generated content.

Full Site Scan by Originality.ai

One of the most anticipated features of Originality.ai is the full site scan. Although this feature is still under development, it promises to be a game-changer. The full site scan will allow users to search an entire website using the URL, providing a comprehensive analysis of the site’s content.

How to apply the 25% Off Originality.ai Coupon?

In order to activate the 25% Off Originality.ai coupon, you can follow the below-mentioned steps and get an instant saving of 25%.

  • Click on the “Get Code” or “Get Deal” button to activate the Originality.ai coupon.
  • Once you are directed to the official website, go for the Signup which is completely free.
  • You’ll be given 50 free credits that can help you scan up to 5000 words for free of cost. (Only applicable using the dedicated Originality.ai deal)Originality ai dashboard
  • Once applied, as you can see, you’ll get a 25% Off discount on Originality.ai which is indeed an excellent choice overall.

Originality.ai Key Benefits

As you can already see there are several key features that are worth considering while getting along with Originality.ai, these features include:

  • Accurate AI detection: Originality.ai has got some excellent results in terms of content detection and its accuracy, as you can get a 99% accuracy on GPT-4 and 83% accuracy on ChatGPT.
  • Unlimited Team Member: Originality.ai offers some excellent team management features when it comes to using Originality.ai with your team. You can get along with adding and removing unlimited team members. So no more worries about team management.
  • Full Website Scan: The Full website scan feature can be considered as one of the best features that have been rolled out so far, even though the feature is still under the role, the updates are that the feature will be rolled out soon. The full site scan enables one to search for the whole website using the URL.
  • API Integrations: The API integration offered by Originality.ai makes things better on the go while delivering the best options for integrating Originality.ai with the workflow you work upon.
  • Readability Score: The Readability score is one of those features that make Originality.ai an excellent choice to move along with. Originality.ai has taken around 20,000 result studies while identifying the target readability of top Google results.

Originality AI Pricing and Credit Cost

Originality.ai offers affordable pricing plans considering the premium features it provides. Most similar tools offer comparable features at higher prices, making Originality.ai a cost-effective choice. Each credit costs $0.01 and allows a scan of 100 words, making it a practical tool for scanning original content and performing comprehensive content audits.

Originality.ai pricing plans

The additional value point is that you can get a 25% Off originality.ai coupon that can help you get the same features at a discounted price point, i.e. where spending $1 would give you access to scan 10,000 words, the same could be done at $0.75 for 10,000 words of scanning.

How to redeem the highest discount on Originality AI?

To redeem the highest discount/value on Originality AI, it is highly recommended to get along with the Originality.ai signup process and redeem yourself 50 free credits. These 50 credits are completely free and you can look forward to using them for any of the operations like AI content detection, plagiarism checking, or anything else; well, website scan is also one of those features you can use but 50 credits won’t be enough to complete a full website scan.

Now that you have got free 50 credits on Originality.ai, you can apply the Originality AI coupon while refilling the Originality AI credits. It is highly recommended to fill in $20 worth of credits, as the Originality AI coupon box section could be seen on the $20 refill option in most cases.

But here’s the twist, just in case you want to get credits worth $50 on Originality.ai, you can refill into 3 sets, 2 for $20 each and 1 for $10; since the Originality AI coupon will be applicable on all of these sections, you just saved yourself $12.5 on Originality AI.

Avail the latest Originality.ai Coupons and Promo Codes

At affcoupon.com, you can find the most up-to-date Originality.ai deals and promo codes. To redeem the coupon, look for the “Get Code” button. Copy the coupon code and save it for when you’re ready to use it. When you go to pay for the item, paste the coupon into the designated box and the overall fee will be lowered.

Some Originality.ai discounts don’t require a code. If this is the case, simply click on the “Get Deal” option. Once you do, you’ll be directed to the shopping website, where you can purchase the product at much more affordable rates than its original cost.


Originality.ai is a powerful tool that offers a suite of features designed to ensure the originality and quality of content. Its on-the-go plagiarism checker, unlimited access, AI-powered content detection, and upcoming full-site scan feature make it an excellent choice for content creators and marketers. With affordable pricing plans and a user-friendly interface, Originality.ai is set to revolutionize the way we create and verify content.

You can try the “AFFTWEAKS25” Originality.ai coupon code to get an instant 25% discount on OriginalityAI.

FAQs on Originality.ai Coupons

  • Is there any Originality.ai free trial available?

Yes, you can get yourself 50 free credits when you install the Originality.ai Chrome extension. You can select the dedicated offer mentioned above to get the dedicated one.

  • What to do when Originality.ai coupons are not working?

There might be a number of reasons why the Originality.ai coupon code is not working, this can include that the coupon is valid for a small plan, or the coupon code you are using might have expired as it was only available for a short period of time.

  • Does Originality.ai offer any refunds?

No, Originality.ai does not offer any refunds that we are currently aware of, but you can get a discount of 25% by using the coupon code “AFFTWEAKS25”.

  • Can I apply two or more Originality.ai coupons to save more?

No, we don’t recommend applying more than one Originality.ai coupon as it would result in failure into filling out the Originality.ai coupon.

  • Does Originality.ai offer any yearly discount?

No, since Originality.ai works on the credit system, the Originality yearly plan does not exist, hence, no yearly discount is available.