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PlayHT Coupon & Review: Best Text-to-Speech tool

PlayHT is an innovative AI Voice Generator and Realistic Text to Speech online service that offers a powerful Text to Audio Online Editor. Users can type, paste, or import text and instantly convert it into high-quality audio. The service allows for enhancement of the audio with speech styles, pronunciations, and SSML tags. With PlayHT coupons from, users can avail of these advanced features at huge discounts, saving significantly on their subscriptions.

Get significant savings on your PlayHT subscriptions with PlayHT coupons from Enjoy advanced features of this AI Voice Generator and Realistic Text to Speech service at discounted prices.

How much can I save with verified PlayHT coupons?

The men PlayHT coupons mentioned below can help you get a discount of up to $594. Yes, you read it right, the PlayHT coupons that are mentioned below can save up to $594. Read the table below to analyse which PlayHT coupon will be the suitable for you:

PlayHT Coupons Price without any coupon applied After applying the coupon Deal activation
$594 Off PlayHT Coupon (Biggest Discount) $1188 per year $594 per year Redeem Deal
$94 Off On PlayHT Creator Plan $468 per year $374.4 per year Get Deal
10000 words just for $7.2 $9/month $7.2 (when billed annually) Activate Deal

PlayHT Overview

  1. AI Voice Generator: PlayHT offers an AI voice generator that converts text into natural-sounding speech.
  2. Wide Voice Selection: They provide a growing library of 829 AI-generated voices in 142 languages and accents.
  3. Use Cases: PlayHT’s AI voices are suitable for marketing videos, e-learning, API integration, IVR systems, and audio articles.
  4. Voice Features: PlayHT offers various voice styles, multi-voice feature, voice inflections, and custom pronunciations for fine-tuning speech.
  5. Secure Audio Storage: Users can securely store and manage their audio files in the cloud.
  6. Collaboration and Export: PlayHT allows team collaboration, offers export options in MP3 and WAV formats, and enables audio player widgets for embedding.
  7. Recognition and Previews: PlayHT has been recognized by tech communities and provides free previews without using word credits.

Step-by-step guide to Redeem PlayHT Coupon

Follow the simple steps below to activate PlayHT coupon from and save maximum on your subscription:

  • Step 1: Choose the best PlayHT Coupon for yourself, click on ‘Get Deal’ to activate the discount.
  • Step 2: Our exclusive link will redirect you to the official PlayHT website. Sign in to your account to continue.

PlayHT Review

  • Step 3: Click on Billing  –> Plans –>Upgrade.

PlayHT Dashboard

  • Step 4: Select the Yearly subscription and save up to 50% on your subscription. Then click on ‘Get Plan’ to continue.

PlayHT Pricing Plans

  • Step 5: Insert your credit card details and complete the payment.

PlayHT Payment

Congratulations on getting big discounts using PlayHT coupon from

PlayHT Pricing Plans

PlayHT offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs, each with its own set of features and benefits:

PlayHT Pricing Plan PlayHT Personal Plan PlayHT Creator Plan PlayHT Pro Plan PlayHT Enterprise Plan
Price $7.2/month $31.2/month $49.50/month Custom Pricing
Words/year 120000 600000 2400000 Custom
Voice Clones 5 instant voice clones 15 instant voice clones 50 instant voice clones Volume voice cloning
Features included

-Access to all voices and languages

-Commercial Use

-API Access

-All features in Personal Plan

-Faster generations

-All features in Creator Plan

-1 high fidelity clone

-Avatars (soon)


-All features in Pro Plan

-Team access

-Customized Voice Cloning

-ISO/SOC2 Certifications

-Single-Sign-On (SSO)

-Dedicated Account Manager

-High priority customer support

-Onboarding & Training

-Service level agreement (SLA)

-Real-Time Streaming API.

PlayHT Highest Discount: 50% Off On Pro Plan (Limited Time Offer)

For a limited time, PlayHT is offering a special deal on their Pro Plan. With the verified PlayHT coupon from, you can convert twice the amount of text into audio at half the price. This offer is perfect for those who frequently use text-to-speech services and are looking for a cost-effective solution. To avail this special offer, simply grab the PlayHT coupon at, click on ‘Get Deal’, and choose the annual subscription. You’ll see the Pro Plan available at a 50% discount. It’s that simple to save big with PlayHT.

PlayHT Deal

Can you get PlayHT for free?

PlayHT offers a free trial that allows users to convert up to 5000 words for free. To access the PlayHT Free Trial, users can select the verified PlayHT coupon from By clicking on the ‘Get Deal’ button, the offer will be activated, providing users with the opportunity to try PlayHT for free. During the trial, users can utilize PlayHT’s AI voice generator and convert their text into natural-sounding speech. This allows users to experience the capabilities of PlayHT’s technology and assess its suitability for their needs. The free trial enables users to explore the features and benefits of PlayHT before committing to a paid subscription.

PlayHT Free Trial

PlayHT Use Cases

PlayHT offers a range of use cases catering to various industries and content formats, providing high-quality AI voices to enhance user experiences and engagement.

  1. Videos:PlayHT allows users to upload videos and easily transcribe and synchronize audio to create a professional video experience.
  2. E-learning and Training: PlayHT caters to Learning & Development Teams, Training Course Providers, and Educators by providing AI voices capable of delivering training materials with clear pronunciation and engaging narration.
  3. IVR Systems: PlayHT enables the creation of human-like AI voice responses for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.
  4. Audio Articles and Accessibility: PlayHT helps in enhancing audio content accessibility and audience engagement by providing SEO-friendly audio widgets for embedding audio versions of articles on websites.
  5. YouTube Videos: PlayHT simplifies the process of narrating YouTube videos by offering AI voice generation that can bring scripts to life with natural-sounding voices.
  6. TikTok Videos: PlayHT provides AI voices suitable for narrating TikTok videos, allowing content creators to add a unique touch to their short-form video content.
  7. Character Voice Generator: PlayHT offers a character voice generator that enables the creation of stunning and unique voices for characters in games, animations, and cartoons.
  8. Celebrity Voice Generator: PlayHT allows users to capture and generate speech in the voice of specific celebrities, resulting in speech that closely resembles the original voice.

Does PlayHT offer money-back guarantee?

PlayHT offers a money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a refund within 24 hours of your purchase. However, it’s important to note that the word usage for text-to-voice generation must be below 1000 words. Any subscription plan that has utilized more than 1000 words is not eligible for a refund. This refund policy reflects PlayHT’s commitment to providing high-quality service and maintaining customer satisfaction.


PlayHT stands out as a leading AI Voice Generator and Realistic Text to Speech online service. With its powerful Text to Audio Online Editor, it caters to a wide range of industries and content formats, providing high-quality AI voices to enhance user experiences and engagement. Whether you’re creating videos, e-learning materials, or audio articles, PlayHT has the tools and features to deliver exceptional results.

Using PlayHT coupons from can help users to get these advanced features of the platform at discounted prices. Hence the PlayHT pricing range becomes extremely affordable for everyone, from individuals to large enterprises.