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Sell The Trend – Find Real Selling Products

Are you looking for an in-depth Sell The Trend review? Then you at the right place.

Sell The Trend review is a relatively new dropshipping product investigation tool that has just enrolled in the business.

Connected to others shows the potential to be one of the most excellent and most accomplished analysis engines on the internet.

Is Sell The Trend worth the money? Let’s review entirely every feature it offers and see.

Detailed Sell The Trend Review

Sell The Trend Review

It is an excellent dropshipping product examination tool that helps you discover obtaining dropshipping goods on AliExpress and Amazon.

The tool also lets you, spy on increased dropshipping stores to see their top-selling products, expected monthly traffic, and income.

Additionally, you can equate your Shopify and WooCommerce storehouses to Sell The Trend to achieve and fulfill your customers’ requests all in one spot.

Additionally, it gives you several extra artistic tools such as Store Intelligence, Audience Builder, Video Creator, and Engagement Calculator.
In short, Sell The Trend is an all-in-one dropshipping app.

Key Features of Sell The Trend

To assist you in having a more familiar look at Sell The Trend and determine if it is worth the money, let’s examine all characteristics that the tool gives.



One of the essential characteristics of Sell The Trend is the NEXUS analysis machine. Using a dropshipping AI algorithm allows you to quickly and easily see trends across popular E-commerce stores.

There are seven tabs in the NEXUS, including Hot Products, New Products, All Products, Trending Products, On The Rise, Hot Stores, and Trending Stores.

Hot Products

Hot Products are goods that are moving sold by many stocks and have a high quantity of requests.

These products are likely winning outcomes in the events. Nevertheless, since various stores have been marketing them, watch for engagement and saturation if you choose to move in now.

You can also sort all outcomes on that page using multiple advanced filters. However, we will evaluate this Sell The Trend’s feature more comprehensively.

Clicking on each result permits you to see the order bearing, the number of AliExpress orders, product cost, recommended selling price, profit margin, selling stores, and top customer countries.

Trending Products

Trending Products include several items that have noticed stores start trading. It suggests they are likely high possible dropshipping products that are beginning to get seen. For that purpose, you should pay notice to this tab the most.

Like Hot Products, you can click on each item to see their trends and various relevant pieces of information.

On The Rise

The Rise tab includes items with a high completion rate but comparatively low sales. These outcomes have potential. Nevertheless, their sales representation can be unpredictable due to various factors, such as some terms or events.

Therefore, you require to evaluate them further to be assured if they have winning products.

New Products

New Outcomes include dropshipping details that are just determined by the method in the least 30 days. Considering there is not enough data about these outcomes, you might have to examine them yourself to see how items set explanation.

All Products

All Products let you find and decide all of the outcomes given by The NEXUS.

Hot Stores

If you require to see which markets are doing well and which stocks they are selling, click on the Hot Stores tab.

Spying on the stores in the identical niche as yours will let you understand what tactics they are using and which stocks you should be trading.

Trending Stores

The Trending Stores list includes stores that have made new conditions and sell some commercial products.

When writing this review, we don’t find any bust-up within the Hot Stores and Trending Stores tab. It might be because of a fault in the method or because the two kinds of stores are similar. Still, we believe it’s not a big obstacle.

Search And Filters

Before going on to other characteristics, let’s review Sell The Trend’s search and filters comprehensively, as it’s one of the essential features that any excellent product research tool requirement.

The tool implements exceptional search and filters that let immediately find and sort outcomes based on several conditions. The first filter is the classification filter.

Clicking on one immediately gives you a list of dropshipping products in that section. Overall, Sell The Trend gives one of the most excellent and easy-to-use research and filters that we have ever seen across all dropshipping product analysis tools.



Added feature Sell The Trend allows is to find hot, trending, or private gem products of AliExpress, Amazon, or other Shopify.


The AliExpress explorer includes nearly every AliExpress merchandise with extra knowledge such as daily increase trends or overall extension trends. You can also match a specific item to examine further study it, just like the NEXUS.

Besides various filters discussed previously, three additional noteworthy ones in this tab are New Stars, Hot Products, and Hidden Gems.

Additional Sell The Trend Tools

Store Connection And Management

Store Connection

You can relate your Shopify or WooCommerce dropshipping storehouse to Sell The Trend to manage it, including adding outcomes, handling orders, and fulfilling them all in one place.

Although many points above can be made within a free app like Oberlo, it’s convenient for you to handle all the main dropshipping methods in one spot.

Creative Tools

Besides the capacity to examine winning dropshipping products, Sell The Trend gives you a duo of artistic tools to support you additional in your dropshipping course, and they are worth exploring.

Store Intelligence

Store Intelligence

By enrolling a store URL into Store Intelligence, you can immediately see its top-selling items, expected monthly traffic, monthly orders, and monthly revenue.

Audience Builder

Audience Builder

If you are stuck getting up with interests or demographics to mark when building Facebook ads, using Audience Builder can support you resolve the query.

Just enter a keyword linked to your products, and the tool will reveal relevant notice about the kinds of audience you need to target.

Video Creator

Video Creator

With Video Creator, you can create a video for your products from images imported from other stores or uploaded from your computers in a matter of minutes.

The tool offers many non-copyrighted music tracks to choose from. You can also adjust the top bar text, bottom bar text, background color, or add your brand name to the video.

Although the tool is pretty essential, it’s good enough to create an engaging video to test your product quickly.

Engagement Calculator

Engagement Calculator

If you plan to contact Instagram influencers to advertise your products, it’s necessary to check their engagement flow to have a general opinion of how their fans will respond.

Sell The Trend offers an excellent short tool called Engagement Calculator. By inscribing the number of followers, likes, and post comments into the needed fields, you can immediately check their commitment rating.

Sell The Trend Pricing

Sell The Trend allows two pricing models. The cyclic plan costs $39,97/month, while the annual one is $32,97/month, permitting you to make up to 2 free months.

Sell The Trend Pricing

You can likewise start a 7-day free trial to examine out the tool. If you don’t want it, you can remove the subscription at any time without any further charge.

Sell The Trend FAQ

What is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend is the powerful product research tool designed for the seller to find real winning or trending products for their online store.

Does Sell The Trend offer a free trial?

Yes, Sell The Trend offers 7 days free trial to all its new customers to test all its pro features for free.

Is Sell The Trend worth the price?

Yes, Sell The Trend is a beneficial product research tool that anyone can try if he/she is new in the dropshipping field. The Build Plan of Sell The Trend can cost you $39.97/month. You are entirely free to sign up for Sell The Trend free trial that helps you review all the crucial tools offered by Sell The Trend for free. Use our exclusive Sell The Trend discount coupon to enjoy a flat 66% off on all its plans.

Can I get discount on Sell The Trend?

Currently, we have three major Sell The Trend coupon codes that you can use according to your need. Pick the above-mentioned Sell The Trend promo code and save maximum bucks on your purchase.


With all of the traits we have studied in this post, Sell The Trend is undoubtedly one of the most potent and versatile dropshipping product analysis tools on the internet right now. If you want to start a thriving dropshipping business, this is a tool that you don’t desire to miss out on.