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Storm Proxies – Residential Backconnect Rotating & Private Dedicated Proxy

Looking for reliable proxies? Stuck with a provider who only offers non-rotating proxies? Fully licensed web proxies at cheap rates?

Founded in 2016 by a team of SEO veterans, Storm Proxies is a proxy provider focused on providing back connect proxies with continuously changing IP addresses.

The founding members have worked in different capacities fulfilling SEO guidelines, and they know people’s everyday problems with their proxy provider.

An excellent example of this is how you get backward compatible proxies so that your proxies never block your traffic.

Another example is the high level of security maintained by the service such that all the traffic is non-invasive, and they will never reveal your IP address.

Storm Proxies Coupon

In their five years in the business, they have evolved to become a large generalist provider who provides for a wide range of needs. They offer dedicated and rotating proxies.

The dedicated proxies resemble generic private servers that give off static around fixed IP addresses. The rotating proxies change the IP address per the user’s request or after a certain amount of time has passed.

Let us see the two types of rotating proxies and other features offered by Storm Proxies in the next section;

Key Features of Storm Proxies

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Dedicated Browser Extensions:

You can install one of their dedicated browser extensions if you want to speed up managing your proxy settings.

A top pick among users is FoxyProxy, compatible with both Firefox and Chrome.

IP Rotation:

Backconnect and Residential Proxy IP addresses can be shuffled every 3 to 5 minutes or every 15 minutes. Every port is given a fresh IP address.

You can even rotate custom dedicated proxies using specific proxy applications or even the browser extension we discussed above.

IP Source:

This functionality may vary across various pricing plans. Storm Proxies allows you to get IP addresses for data centers and private IPs. For those who don’t know:

A private proxy refers to the IP addresses of the concerned data center itself.

Residential IP Proxy refers to a pure IP for home users.

Backconnect Rotary Proxy is a combination of data centers and private IPs.

IP Replacement:

The IP address for a privately dedicated proxy packet can be replaced twice every month. Backconnect’s private and spinning proxies give out IP addresses from a preloaded set of thousands of IP addresses.

This is done to ensure that one does not require or can perform any IP exchange,


IP-based authentication or user authentication is used for private proxies. Every package has an access IP address to ensure every package can only be used from one computer.

High Speed:

Even with the cheapest plan, you get a speed higher than the industry standard. Storm Proxies’ proxy services are generally speedy and dependable.

You can use them for several days without having to slow down the speed or break the connection.

Range of Proxy types:

Every type of proxy you would need is available here. HTTP and HTTPS based anonymous proxy servers are available for the following different types of proxies:

  • Rotating Backconnect Proxies
  • Sneaker Proxy
  • Ticketmaster and Ticket Sites Proxy
  • Private Proxies
  • Social Media Sites Proxy

In the next section, let’s briefly go over these proxy types:

What are the Different Proxy Types Available on Storm Proxies?

Rotating Backconnect Proxies:

This particular kind of proxy operates on the principle that reverse-reverse proxy proxies automatically change the original IP address of the proxy server to the address of an extended IP group.

This means you don’t have to replace IP addresses manually. The user can access multiple proxy gateways, the IP address itself, or the IP address of the reverse proxy server.

After accessing the proxy gateway servers, your proxy client gets a new proxy IP address at a regular rate every couple of minutes. Storm Proxies offers two types of IP types for this proxy group:

Dedicated Rotary Proxy:

Every HTTP request (regular intervals of 3 to 15 minutes) is assigned a new random IP from a group of over 70,000 proxy IP addresses. Grouping is done to ensure the change in IP across the private data center.

IP Residential Rotary Proxy:

A group of 40,000 private IP addresses sends out an IP address to proxy requests (regular intervals of 3 to 5 minutes).

Private Dedicated Proxy:

Use dedicated IP addresses, empty IPs, and multiple subnets with elite proxies assigned to every user. Based on fixed IP addresses.

Sneaker Proxies:

Specially optimized slipper proxies optimized for buying shoes and sneakers from Adidas, FootLocker, Nike, Supreme, and other highly sought after sneaker outlets.

Ticket Proxies:

Use proxy servers to badger ticket sites, including Ticketmaster, AXS, VividSeats, and many others.

Social Media Proxies:

Available for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Craigslist, and Twitter Proxy mediums. They are generally used in digital marketing campaigns as means to access or unlock certain websites or services.

Storm Proxies Pricing

As we discussed earlier, Storm Proxies broadly offers three different kinds of proxies. The core rotating residential proxies, private dedicated proxies (data center IPs), and backconnect rotating proxies (combination of data center and residential IP addresses).

Storm Proxies Pricing

Each particular proxy offers different pricing plans (unlimited bandwidth is standard across plans). Instead of placing a cap on data transfers, Storm Proxies limits accounts by various factors. We have listed some of the popular instances of this below:

Private Dedicated Proxies are limited by the number of IPs. The smallest plan starts at $10/month and gives you access to 5 proxies.

For comparison, the most expensive plan is $400/month with 400 proxies at your disposal. All plans are capable of running at 100 concurrent threads.

Backconnect Rotating Proxies are priced by the number of simultaneous connections. The smallest plan is at $39/month and 40 simultaneous connections. Its most expensive counterpart is at $97/month and has 150 concurrent connections.

Rotating Residential Proxies are priced at the number of ports available to the user. Every plan involves running up to 50 simultaneous connections, with the lowest plan starting at $50/month (5 ports) to $300/month (50 ports).

The price you have to pay will be decided by what combination of the three you require, and they offer the option to have customized plans to give you the best price.

Storm Proxies FAQ

What is Storm Proxies?

Storm Proxies provide you with high-speed, high-volume residential backconnect rotating & private dedicated proxy. Storm Proxies will let you get more visitors for a lower cost.

Does Storm Proxies offer socks proxies?

No Storm Proxies only sell HTTP(s) proxies to all its users.

Does Storm Proxies offer a refund policy?

Yes, Storm Proxies provides 24 hours money-back guarantee to all its new customers. You can easily test Storm Proxies risk-free for 24 hours.

Are there any verified Storm Proxies coupon codes?

If you are looking for a 100% working Storm Proxies discount coupon, check the above-mentioned Storm Proxies coupon codes that you can use to save big bucks.

What are the best Storm Proxies alternatives?

Following are the best alternatives to Storm Proxies:
Artica Proxy
Trusted Proxies


Unlimited bandwidth at affordable prices would be the quickest way to describe Storm Proxies. They offer a limited range of services but ensure that they do exceptionally well in providing those services.

We have covered some of the significant details about the service; you can click on any coupons available here to get a more detailed look at their services.

With Storm Proxies, you can rest assured about low latency, fast connections, and a complete solution to all your proxy needs.