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WordPress.com Review – World’s Most Popular Website Builder

Hello all! I hope you all are doing well in the pandemic & you all are safe and sound in your houses!

We cannot deny that we must switch to digital marketing to have our lives going well in this crisis.

For that, you must own a website, and I can assure you, you cannot get a better site builder than WordPress.

In this post, I will provide all the essential WordPress coupon codes and give you an in-depth WordPress review.

So that, if you are already using WordPress, you can use the given WordPress.com coupon code, and if you are not, you can start using it with maximum discount!

So, what are we waiting for? Let us get started.

First, we need to know about the history of WordPress a little more. Keep reading the article to get all your doubts to get resolved.

In-Depth WordPress.com Review

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WordPress started as a fairly standard blogging platform (WordPress.com) but quickly morphed into a sophisticated website builder (WordPress.org) that offers you to create any website you can think of membership, forum, ecommerce, business websites, and more.

The functionality of WordPress lets you turn your content, images, video, and more into a functional website.

You can imagine WordPress as Microsoft Excel. All you have to do is enter data into a spreadsheet, and Excel will generate beautiful graphs and charts. WordPress does precisely the same, but with websites.

I will tell you more about WordPress, but you need to know the fundamental difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org


Dotcom is the fully hosted version that handles your hosting for you. Hosting is where the service provider will store your website content online so that people can obtain your website by typing in a URL address.

It’s like subletting an apartment, so people know exactly where to visit you, and the URL is your street name and house number.

WordPress.com takes charge of your hosting needs for a monthly fee.
That preserves you the job of finding a separate hosting provider and going through all the technical jargon needed to start a website.


DotOrg is the self-hosted version. WordPress.org proffers you ultimate power and versatility over your website with no WordPress.com restrictions.

You will need to go through all the technical features of owning, operating, and maintaining a WordPress website.

WordPress.com Review: Ease of use

Picking up the right website builder depends on many different factors. You are searching for something that will make your site look great and have a list of various features.

WordPress.com Ease of use

But on the other hand, you also want to enjoy building your website and not spend hours learning to code.

So it’s essential to look at the builder’s ease of use and your level of technical know-how to get a clear idea of how comfortable you’d be using it.

We get ordinary people like you to try out the builder and ask them how easy it was to do specific tasks. With scoring, people’s feedback, and number ratings, this gives us important data to provide you with great reviews!

But do WordPress.com reach ease of use?

The honest answer to this question is not great. But before you close this page in distress, let’s go over what this means and, more importantly, why WordPress.com didn’t come up with trumps for ease of use.

Although WordPress.com is designed for viewing and feeling a lot more like a website builder, it’s not. It’s simply a blogging platform with website builder add-ons.

That means it doesn’t use the traditional drag and drop visual editing favored by most web builders such as Wix. Alternatively, you edit your content and design separately.

This can feel over-complicated and confusing. While it is straightforward adding blog posts, it is not always clear how to add other elements or customizations to your site.

WordPress.com Coupon

WordPress.com usually receives low ‘likely to recommend scores. But it seems WordPress.com is aware that using their site isn’t a walk in the park! And they have added steps to combat this.

When you first build your site, it asks you questions like the name of your location, what it’s about and what it’s for.

That means your site is already customized when you start!

You can also select how positive you are with using technology. If you choose beginner, it provides you with a checklist of how to set up your site.

WordPress.com Review: Theme Customizer

While WordPress doesn’t offer drag-and-drop design like other builders such as Wix, it enables you to preview customizations to your theme in real-time.

WordPress.com Themes

What you can customize solely depends on the theme you’re using, but if you modify the link color, move a widget around, or choose an entirely different kind of layout.

Additionally, you can always see what it will look like before you commit.

WordPress.com Review: Content Editor

Earlier, WordPress has a simple type-and-hit-publish sort of text editor, which was suitable for its time.

WordPress.com Content Editor

But now, after lots of drama shortly following its initial public release (more on this later) — WordPress’s new editor has its name: “Gutenberg.” It’s a basic content editor that treats every paragraph, every heading, every image — everything!

That enables you to make block-specific changes to your content. For instance, you can change the text size for a specific paragraph, create multiple columns for text and images, add background images to particular sections, and more.

Extensive Features of WordPress.com

Let us have a glance at the features of WordPress:


This is software that started as a content management system (CMS). You’ve got posts, pages, tools for organizing those posts and pages, comments, multiple authors, and more.

You can build pretty much any blog or simple business website you want with the default themes and functionality.

You can also add an existing domain to your site, which is a handy feature.
Also, the plugins will allow you to transform your website in just about any way you can think of.

For instance, you can boost your SEO some more and build an actual social networking site. Also, you can upload and install third-party plugins too.

Marketing Analytics

WordPress offers several tools for expanding your SEO, building your branding, measuring your traffic, and sharing your blog posts on social media. They’re not all that superior if you’re on the free plan, but hey, you have somewhere to start.

You also get the free combination with MailChimp if you want to let users sign up for your newsletter straight from your website.

Third-Party Combinations

WordPress.com also offers third-party integration with several services, with particular emphasis on Google Analytics and GSuite.

WordPress is likely to be partnered with Google, as far as I can tell. But when you manage to bring plugins into the mix, things get loose because the WordPress plugins are for integrating your site with any service with an API.

WordPress.com Pricing Plans | WordPress.com Discount Coupon

Currently, WordPress offers 5 pricing plans. A free plan is one of them. I will describe all the plans they offer.

WordPress.com Pricing


  • Here, you can personalize your website with a custom domain name
  • You can eliminate all WordPress.com advertising
  • 6 GB of storage space
  • Get admittance to high-quality email and live chat support with our Happiness Engineers
  • The capacity to upload audio files
  • $5/mo


  • All the features of the Personal plan
  • 13 GB of storage space
  • Entrance to advanced design tools
  • Entrance to premium themes
  • The capacity to monetize your site with ads
  • The power to upload audio and video files
  • $8/mo


  • All the features of the Premium plan
  • The capacity to use Google Analytics
  • Unlimited storage
  • The facility to use third-party services, such as custom plugins, themes, codes, and ad networks like Google AdSense
  • SEO tools
  • Live chat support seven days a week
  • Two free concierge support sessions with Happiness Engineers to learn how to get started with your site.
  • $25/mo


  • All the features of the Business plan
  • Entrance to premium Storefront child themes
  • Premium WooCommerce extensions
  • Integrations with top shipping carriers
  • The capacity to accept payments in 60+ countries
  • Storefront Powerpack
  • $45/mo

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WordPress.com FAQ

How do I start a WordPress blog?

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right blogging platform for your website. A self-hosted WordPress.org site is the best platform, in our opinion. It provides you the flexibility and independence to grow your blog without any restrictions.

Next, you will be required to sign up for a WordPress hosting account. All websites on the internet need hosting. That will be your website’s home on the internet.

How do I make bucks from my WordPress site?

There are many ways to rake big bucks from your WordPress site. Website owners are coming up with different ways to make money online from their websites every day. You can always run advertisements, sell products, recommend affiliate products, teach courses, sell paid content, and the list goes on.

Which WordPress plugins should I install on my website?

There are more than 49,000 plugins available in the free WordPress plugins directory alone.

Not all of them will suit your business needs, which leads to the question that which WordPress plugins should you install on your website and which are the best choice?

You can always opt for the best which you think suits the theme of your website the most.

How to embed videos in WordPress?

Here, you can upload videos to your WordPress site, but we always recommend against that.

We recommend, you should use a video hosting service like YouTube. all you have to do is upload your video to one of these services and then copy your video URL.

Come back to your WordPress site and paste the video URL in the post editor. WordPress will automatically retrieve the embed code and display your video, and your video will get embedded.

How should I make my images to use on my WordPress site?

There will be times when you may not find a suitable image for your blog post, or maybe you want to create a custom image for the same.

You would think here that with this much technology around, there must be lots of tools that you can use to create images without learning graphic design.

You are right, and we have compiled a list of the best tools to create better images for your WordPress blog posts.


No matter what do we recommend, you will always choose what is best for your business.

WordPress has helped millions of bloggers and developers create their free websites, which has also provided immense profit.

Here, it depends on us which theme to use and which plugin to use, but when we choose the most appropriate theme which suits our business needs, it will automatically reflect profit to your website.

But always keep in mind, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different things. In this article, we reviewed the features of WordPress.com.

Do not forget to check out our latest coupons and get the maximum discount on your purchase!

If you have any questions about WordPress Coupon Code, you can ask them up in the comments section below.