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Grab 30% off on all new licenses during this WP Rocket Black Friday sale.

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– Infinite license – unlimited websites: $174,30 instead of $249 Less

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WP Rocket – Powerful Plugin to Speed Up Your Website

Want to speed up your WordPress website? Confused about how a cache plugin will help you speed up your loading times? Get better conversion rates by adding a cache plugin?

WP Rocket is a caching plugin, which has built a reputation for itself in the WordPress community with guaranteed speed optimization at competitive prices.

You can access this premium software today at discounted rates using the coupons in this post and speed up your WordPress site.

How does WP Rocket speed up your site?

If you are running a WordPress site and facing issues with loading times, I’m sure someone has recommended that you install a cache plugin on your site and solve the problem.

WP Rocket Coupon

Before we get to which plugin you should use, let us understand how caching plugins help you speed up your site;

Every time someone visits your website, a large amount of data is transferred back and forth between your server, the WP software, and the WP database to generate the page that the visitor was looking for.

This transfer of data leaves its traces on the server, and these traces of data pile up and slow down your website by cramming the server. (you should be careful of this even more if you’re using low quality or budget web hosting).

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The database optimization of that crammed server is called cache optimization.

Caching optimization refers to when the traces left on the server are used to generate and show a static copy of your website and different web pages rather than generating it every time.

Webpages load faster for users as the static version can be displayed quicker.

Now let us help you decide which plugin will give you the best performance optimization.

Which Caching Plugin is the best?

In short, the caching plugin which offers the best optimization features at the lowest price is the best one. These optimization features include:

  • A good caching plugin ensures that users do not notice any difference between the static version of the webpage to the new one.
  • Updates the static version at minimal load to the server if you update your webpages.
  • Compatibility with CDN providers.

And many more depending on your specific needs. WP Rocket provides all of these services and much more.

Top Features of WP Rocket

WP Rocket Discount

Easy to Use

The software is specially designed to ensure that everyone can speed up their websites using WP Rocket.

The design and interface are specially made to ensure no particular technical skills are required to operate the same.

This does not mean a wide range of options isn’t available for advanced users who want to get the most out of their cache optimization tool.

The default mode takes care of the core caching function on its own right after installing WP Rocket, and if you’re a basic user, you can access their video tutorials to understand some of the more complex features.

All options in the interface come with helpful explanatory text.

CDN Compatibility

If a content delivery network distributes your website files, you can rest assured because WP Rocket is compatible with almost every major CDN provider.

This is regardless of if the CDN service is part of your web hosting plan or you use it independently. You can use the file optimization features of WP Rocket with your Content Delivery Network seamlessly.

Media, Database, and Image Optimization

Their LazyLoading feature helps you delay the display of images or videos until the user is on the part of the webpage where the concerned image or video is displayed.

Not loading all the photos and videos while the user opens the webpage helps the site load faster.

Another innovative feature is that emojis in the text are taken from the user’s device instead of the emoji data downloaded from WordPress.org.

As your website grows, the database of the website will grow with it. This growth will surely slow down your website significantly.

To counter this, WP Rocket offers the option to optimize your database by clearing old revisions of posts, drafts along with removing trashed posts. Old comments which were deleted or marked as spam can also be deleted;

These database cleaning operations can be done on command or scheduled to clean your database whenever you’re comfortable automatically.

It should be noted that there are dedicated tools out there that provide these same services, and WP Rocket has integrated them into their cache plugin for user convenience.

Dedicated eCommerce Optimization Features

WP Rocket works with your e-commerce plugin to exclude the view section and the checkout pages from your cache to speed up your online store’s loading speed.

The separate cache file for both maintains a consistent speed across your website, providing a better user experience. Compatible with almost all e-commerce platforms and plugins.

WP Rocket Pricing

It should be noted that all the plans provide the same amount of functionality, and all the features we mentioned above are priced differently by the number of websites you will be able to optimize with different pricing plans.

  • Single: $49/year. Optimize 1 Website using WP Rocket’s full range of features
  • Plus: $99/year. Speed up three websites using WP Rocket’s premium WordPress plugin
  • Infinite: $249/year. Ideal for advanced users who can use this subscription to optimize an endless number of websites using WP Rocket.

WP Rocket FAQ

What is WP Rocket?
WP Rocket is the most powerful plugin to reduce website load time while boosting Core Web Performance scores. It automatically removes render-blocking stylesheets while making sure scripts are loaded asynchronously, preventing any chance of slowing down your site.

Why should I go for WP Rocket?
WP Rocket is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to speed up their WordPress website. It is a performance optimization plugin that lets you manage the loading time of your WordPress site for visitors and search engines.

Is WP Rocket free?
No, WP Rocket does not offer any free plan or free trial version. Use our exclusive WP Rocket coupon that helps you to enjoy the maximum discount.

Does it offer any refund policy?
Yes, it offers 14 days money back guarantee to all its customers.

Is WP Rocket reliable?
WP Rocket can help its user to save time and money by optimizing their WordPress site. Whether you have a small or large website, WP Rocket will always help you achieve your goals. WP Rocket is always 100% up to date and compatible with any WordPress version.

Is there any working WP Rocket coupon code?
Yes, if you want to save money on its paid plans, use the WP Rocket discount coupon code.

How much discount will I get by using the WP Rocket coupon code?
By using our WP Rocket promo code, you will save a 10% discount on all its pricing plans.


WP Rocket has continued to reign supreme in many speed tests against W3 Total Cache and many top competitors.

As we said in the beginning, the best cache plugin is the one that offers the best optimization features at the cheapest rates, and WP Rocket fits that criteria better than any other tool available in the market today.

The money-back-guarantee, along with all the benefits we mentioned, makes it seem impossible for you to not check out the tool by using the coupons we have provided to get the tool at even cheaper rates than before.

Solve your customer’s concerns about your website not loading with a single purchase today.